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Therapeutic spectrum

The skin is vital and our largest organ with up to 1.8 m². Not just because it encloses our internal system, but also because it protects us from infections by germs, bacteria and fungi. It acts as a regulator in the human water and respiratory system and as a protection from heat and cold. Only healthy and functional skin is able to protect our body and to keep harmful environmental and climatic influences at bay. Many experiences of life, but also numerous internal disorders, circumstances of life and habits leave behind their marks on our skin, which can be of decisive support in the early diagnosis and prevention of serious diseases.

Whether we "feel good in our skin" is very important for our awareness and quality of life. As with no other organ, our mental well-being is reflected in the appearance of our skin and in our language: we catch the train "by the skin of our teeth", concerns "get under our skin", thin people are "just skin and bones" or we "save our skin". Only considering the close connection of skin and psyche are we able to give our patients holistic care and heal them with a lot of medical experience, best-possible state-of-the-art technical equipment and a great deal of attention.
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